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Catering - Island Grill

Affordable catering for corporate meetings, parties, or special events. We have been serving delicious, healthy Greek and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, since 2000 - Island Grill Houston.

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Syrian Piccata Stew (Shakriya) - recipe

Shakriya is Faysal's all-time favorite dish!
Island Grill owner Faysal Haddad is proud to boast Shakriya as his all-time favorite dish. Made with easy-to-find ingredients like red meat, plain yogurt, and freshly crushed garlic, this rich and flavorful...

Faysal Haddad

How Island Grill became a Houston Institution - His Name is Faysal Haddad

How This Second Generation Family Business Will Continue to Serve Local Families for Another 20 Years
If you have frequented any of the five locations of Houston's Island Grill, you've likely made a new friend. Island Grill's owners and founders Faysal and Maria Haddad are as serious about hospitality as they are about sourcing the best ingredients for his restaurants.
The dedicated couple splits up the... 

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Island Grill to open Springwoods Village location

Island Grill, a local restaurant focused on healthy Mediterranean-American fare, has signed on as the first retail tenant in the City Place 2 building in Springwoods Village...
"Island Grill is the perfect restaurant to flavor the rapidly growing trade area at City Place," Patrinely Group president and CEO Robert Fields said in an announcement. 

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Newest location opens doors for Houston restaurant chain

While Island Grill has been a neighborhood spot in Houston for 17 years and has four locations, the chain's newest Rice Village location is growing its name recognition and visibility.

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Want To Try Syrian Food? It's Nearby at Island Grill

A new location means you're always close to the juice bar and Mediterranean grill.

AIRSTRIKES, CHEMICAL WEAPONS, REFUGEE CRISIS. The words we associate with Syria in 2017 are some of the ugliest imaginable. Perhaps there's never been a better time to cherish the good things that have come out of the country. 

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First look: Island Grill in Rice Village

The Mediterranean American restaurant that Faysal and Maria Haddad created in 2000 began as a humble smoothie bar. Today, Island Grill has multiple locations in Houston - rightly, it's an island no longer; more a culinary archipelago - with its fourth store opening today in Rice Village.

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Island Grill Celebrates 13 Years in Business

2013 marked the 13th successful year in business for the Island Grill in Houston, Texas. The restaurant industry is infamous for it's hit or miss success, especially in larger cities. The Houston restaurant scene is thriving. Yet, in a city with so much competition, restaurants with lower quality food or experience don't tend to stick around very long. Developing a reputation for not only the cuisine but high quality service is crucial for gaining that word-of-mouth success that restaurants need to succeed. 

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Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine and Smoothies

Rich in monounsaturated fats and dietary fiber, the Mediterranean diet was recognized for its health benefits as early as 1945 by Doctor Ancel Keys. The high consumption of fish, olive oil, olive leaf, vegetables, fruits and cereals, Keys determined, was directly responsible for significantly lower...