Island Grill Celebrates 13 Years in Business

Island Grill Celebrates 13 Years in Business

Marketwired - Houston, TX

Calendar iconOct 4, 2013

2013 marked the 13th successful year in business for the Island Grill in Houston, Texas. The restaurant industry is infamous for it's hit or miss success, especially in larger cities. The Houston restaurant scene is thriving. Yet, in a city with so much competition, restaurants with lower quality food or experience don't tend to stick around very long. Developing a reputation for not only the cuisine but high quality service is crucial for gaining that word-of-mouth success that restaurants need to succeed.

So how has Island Grill managed to keep their reputation and business soaring in a town with so much gastro competition?

Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Everyone loves indulging once in awhile but the occasional diner is not who Faysal Haddad, the owner of Island Grill, is mainly serving. Offering healthy dining options, such as gluten free or whole wheat bread, and using healthy cooking oils are recent growing trends at eateries, but for Island Grill it has always been a staple of their menu. When you walk into Island Grill the first thing you'll most likely notice is the juicing equipment behind the register counter. As the signage boasts outside of the restaurant, Island Grill is home to one of Houston's best smoothie and juice bars. You have the option of adding protein, soy milk, wheatgrass, and more into your juice or smoothie.

Mediterranean food has been noted for the health benefits associated with their widely used ingredients like olive oil and chickpeas; along with the low amount of fats and high amounts of vegetables used in many popular Mediterranean dishes. So, it is no surprise that local Mediterranean restaurants in Houston have become increasingly popular. However, keeping the standards of the food quality high is not the only reason why Island Grill is a cut above the rest.

A Welcoming Spirit

Aside from the characteristics of the restaurant, the characters that work at Island Grill are a huge reason why diners keep coming back. The owner Faysal is usually at the register taking orders with his staff when waves of people arrive during meal hours. When the restaurant calms, Faysal is making his way around the dining room chatting with the customers; most customers know him by name.

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