Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine and Smoothies

Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine and Smoothies

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Calendar iconJan. 28, 2008

Rich in monounsaturated fats and dietary fiber, the Mediterranean diet was recognized for its health benefits as early as 1945 by Doctor Ancel Keys. The high consumption of fish, olive oil, olive leaf, vegetables, fruits and cereals, Keys determined, was directly responsible for significantly lower rates of cardiovascular disease in populations that inhabited the Mediterranean Basin.

As it turns out, Keys was ahead of his time. Mediterranean cuisine is widely accepted today for its healthy attributes. Fish, fiber-rich cereals and olive oil have been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, while the fruits and vegetables native to the Mediterranean contain multiple-disease fighting antioxidants. Olive oil, in addition, lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Keys encouraged Americans to adopt and adapt the culinary traditions of the Greece, Italy and the Middle East into their diets to reap its health benefits; the Smoothie Island Juice Bar & Grill in Houston's trendy Tanglewood neighborhood has adhered to exactly that. Extra virgin olive oil rules the day at the healthy restaurant in Houston that offers a combination of traditional Mediterranean fare alongside local favorites like hamburgers and breakfast tacos.

Recently reviewed by Houston magazine's January 2008 Health and Spa issue, the Island Juice Bar & Grill was described by the writers as, "...our kind of place. Not only is the Mediterranean menu healthy and light - you know all that fresh fish, olive oil and hummus is good for you - but they whip up some powerful smoothies and juices. The Emerald Isle Cooler will kick-start your morn with carrots, celery, beets, spinach, parsley and an energy boost. No need to touch a veggie for the rest of the day! The healthy brunch on the patio is a must-try."

The Smoothie Island Juice Bar and Grill was also given a specialty rating of five stars for its breakfast by

"We are a healthy restaurant in Houston, but our foremost priority is that our customers enjoy the overall dining experience here," said Faysal Haddad, owner of the Smoothie Island Juice Bar and Grill. "Yes, our food is chalk full of vitamins, but healthy food alone will not cut it in the restaurant business. Our ingredients are always fresh and our chefs truly consider what they do an art rather than a just a job. Combine that with our friendly, laid back atmosphere and you can see why so many of our customers return on a regular basis."

Smoothies and natural fruit drinks are made on the spot in front of the customer to guarantee freshness. Veggie egg white omelets are popular at breakfast while traditional Mediterranean gyros, pita, humus, and falafel are hits at lunch. Wild fish and certified Angus beef dishes are the rage for dinner. The healthy restaurant in Houston also offers delivery and catering services.

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