smoothieblog_islandgrillNew Year’s resolutions may be well behind us, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall off the healthy living train! Island Grill, a popular Mediterranean restaurant, offers delicious Houston healthy smoothies all year round. Satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your good health!

All-natural and fully refreshing, the smoothies and juices at Island Grill are made to order right in front of you. No more wondering what goes into your drink – you can see the fresh fruits and veggies being mixed in right when you place your order! In the mood for something to give you a taste of the islands? Island Grill offers the widest selection of tropical smoothies in Houston, including the Jamaican Jolt, a delicious blend of bananas, carrots, ginger, and papaya juice.

Need some Houston energy drinks that won’t make you crash and burn hours later? Island Grill’s Workout Fuel energy-boosting smoothies are chock-full of the good stuff, so you can fuel up on good energy without feeling guilty (or tired!) later. Try the “Muscle Beach,” a smoothie with pineapple, strawberries, whey protein, and nonfat vanilla yogurt, or the delicious “Peanut Butter Buster,” with raspberries, bananas, peanut butter, yogurt and whey protein. Whatever you choose, be prepared to power through your day naturally!

Juicing is all the rage, but Island Grill has been serving up fresh Houston juice blends for years! Step up to the juice bar and order a “Veggie Splash,” a vibrant concoction of spinach, carrots, parsley and celery that builds up your immune system while making sure you get the veggies you need to stay healthy and focused. The carrot/apple blend is equally delicious, and will satisfy your sweet tooth the natural way. Ready to get into juicing? Start at Island Grill for the very best juice in Houston!

Island Grill has three convenient locations in Bellaire, Woodway, and Bunker Hill. Order online to have your food ready for you when you get there- just make sure to grab a fresh Houston healthy smoothie or juice blend before you leave! Call ahead or order online today.