Houston Breakfast Restaurants: A Breakfast Smoothie is a Great Way to Start your Day!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, since it gives you the energy it takes to begin completing all of the tasks they have to get done. Houston breakfast restaurants offer a wide variety of breakfast food options—from the healthy and fulfilling to the fast and empty. Did you know that a breakfast smoothie can be a great option for fuel in the morning? Smoothies are delicious, blended fruit drinks that usually include yogurt or another milk product that creates a slush-like consistency. Nutritional additives such as soy protein, whey powder and other healthy alternatives are usually offered, as well. These healthy drinks can provide many health benefits, including weight control, sharpened concentration and cognitive performance, lower cholesterol levels and increased strength and endurance for physical activity. Only a few restaurants in Houston offer a large range of smoothie choices, which is why many people choose to frequent the Island Grill.

Important Benefit #1 of Breakfast Smoothies: Weight Control

Many studies performed by a range of organizations has concluded that a healthy breakfast such as a smoothie, can help individuals to control their weight. One theory that explains this phenomenon is that breakfast can reduce hunger throughout the rest of the day, therefore making it easier for people to make better food choices. Contrary to conventional wisdom, skipping breakfast causes you to feel more hungry and ends up costing you many more calories throughout the day. Another way to approach eating breakfast is that doing so is part of an overall healthy lifestyle that includes making smart food choices and engaging in exercise. Of course, these studies stipulate that a healthy breakfast should contain protein or whole grains, which are a big part of the ingredients that make up a smoothie.

Important Benefit #2 of Breakfast Smoothies: Lean Protein

The right amount of protein may be just what customers of Houston breakfast restaurants need to keep them from feeling hungry until lunchtime. Protein is sufficiently satiating to blunt hunger and keep people feeling full longer. Whey protein, which is a common additive in breakfast smoothies, is an ideal source of this important nutrient, and can give you the protein you need without the additional worry of getting too much cholesterol. Substituting a smoothie for two eggs is a smart way to get the protein without the artery-clogging cholesterol.

Island Grill offers the only juice bar found in Houston restaurants, and we are proud to serve our legendary breakfast smoothies to our many loyal customers. For a taste of what makes Island Grill one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in Houston, call us today at 713-334-4036; or better yet, come see us at our location at Woodway and Bering.