Eating Healthy at a Houston Restaurant: Opting for Smoothies and a Juice Bar

Many working individuals and busy families find that many of their meals together end up being spent in a Houston restaurant. This pattern of eating out is great for its convenience, but potentially harmful for people who are working to maintain a healthy diet. Luckily, Houston restaurant-goers can choose from a growing variety of available smart food choices that work well with a health conscious eating plan.

One healthy option that is available in a small number of Houston restaurants is a juice bar that offers smoothies to customers. Smoothies are a relatively new addition to the local food and beverage scene—most food history buffs think that these delicious drinks originated in sunny California. It was not long until many restaurants around the country added a juice bar to their amenities, enticing patrons with smoothies packed with everything from fruit, to vegetables, to a myriad of vitamins and protein.

How can smoothies help you eat smarter at your favorite Houston restaurant (assuming you have chosen a restaurant that has a juice bar to create a smoothie)?

Smoothies are great "fillers": Many smoothies are full of fruit and protein—two great fillers that can help you feel full without eating a large amount of food. In order to get the most filling out of your smoothie, ask the staff at the juice bar to add extra fruit and protein to your order. Just be sure that they do not add extra sugar (even in the form of honey) or you will be negating the positive aspects of getting full off of your smoothies.

Smoothies can provide you with your fruit, vegetable and protein intake: If you are like most customers at your Houston restaurant, you probably are not getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. With delicious smoothies, you can get all of your daily allowance of many of these important nutrients with a single trip to the juice bar! Many of these nutrients are added without any additional flavoring or change in smoothies' texture.

Smoothies make an excellent dessert option: Who knew that a Houston restaurant dessert could be so healthy? A cool, fruity or coffee-flavored smoothie is a great way to finish off your meal; plus, you get to avoid all of the guilt that comes along with a more caloric-laded choice.

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