Springtime is the best time to start enjoying healthy breakfast in Houston! Starting your day off on a light, delicious note before heading to work or a day of leisure is the perfect way to ensure you get the nutrition you need to take on the day. Island Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant in Houston that serves healthy breakfast in Houston every day.

Egg Breakfast in Houston

Eggs are packed with protein, making them the perfect breakfast option for busy Houstonians. Island Grill has several different options for delicious egg-based breakfasts! Enjoy classic Migas, with bacon, tortillas and fresh salsa on the side, or the Iron Man Breakfast, made of eight egg whites, with turkey, a fruit bowl, and wheat toast, for powerful flavor and nutrition. And there’s nothing like a fresh omelet to start your day – Island Grill has many different types of omelets available, including the veggie omelet, packed with peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and spinach. It’s a flavor powerhouse that sticks with you!

Real Mediterranean Breakfast

If Mediterranean breakfast in Houston is what you seek, turn to Island Grill. Their breakfast pitas sing with flavor, and include the Phoenician breakfast pita, filled with eggs, feta cheese, gyros and red onions, all tucked inside a fresh pita shell. Or try the Monte Carlo Breakfast pita, with spinach, Swiss cheese, egg whites, tomatoes and bell peppers.

If eggs aren’t your jam, you can choose one of Island Grill’s other tasty options, including a wide assortment of bagels with your choice of spreads and toppings. Or, power up your day with classic pancakes, including the quinoa oatmeal pancake, served up with two egg whites. No matter what you choose, you will leave satisfied and ready for an eventful day.

A healthy breakfast in Houston is just around the corner! Island Grill serves up delicious dishes every day of the week. Visit www.islandgrillhouston.com to check out the menu.